tonight :)

Anonymous asked: Hello, does this work with OSX 10.9.5? Thanks, M.

I know there have been changes to the smbd daemon in 10.9.5 as stated in the Apple changelog, but you should still be able to switch the daemons. However, make sure to backup all of your plist files in order to maintain the ability to revert to Apple’s version.¬†

To be honest, the smb daemon replacement became unnecessary in my environment, where we have an Isilon storage cluster. Do proper testing to ensure that the replacement fits for your environment.

cause sometimes you get that vibe

i mean a healthy amount, you know…

you’re fucking obsessed…

i may or may not hate myself 

i may or may not be listening to taylor swift

My brain hums with scraps of poetry and madness.

Virginia Woolf (via thatkindofwoman)

yeah bad poetry tho

wednesday nights/thursday mornings

wednesday nights/thursday mornings

some days slip by me

and I think I know why

tryin to make it through